Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Send any aid you can to Katrina Relief...

Please visit the site below and donate as much as you can to the relief efforts to Hurricane Katrina. If you can’t afford anything, please pass the sites on to someone who can, or think about raising funds or donating items, clothing, and such if you can:

From Act for Change Reject Mercury Proposals:

From PFAW Tell Senate to Demand full disclosure regarding Roberts nomination:

From Amnesty International Take action against torture and secret detention:

From Earthjustice Demand the truth about Roberts:

From Human Rights First: Help free Father Gerard Jean-Juste:

From Campaign for America’s Future: Find the missing Dems!

From Free Press: Reclaim local radio:

From Working Families: Stop SS Privatization:

I've had a few complaints about not having anything but quickies lately, but between schoo, work, my internship, other projects, and this pregnancy... well, I'll try to rant and rave more, but I'm not promising anything, Elle!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Some Quick Actions

It's been a while, and for good reason: I'm pregnant! Time issues make this in need of speed, as well, so here are just a few quick actions for the week:

From the Wilderness Society: Keep Destructive Gas Development Out of New Mexico's Valle Vidal here:

From Care2: Energy and Global Warming petition here:

From NOW: Protect Women’s Health here: AND

From American Friends Service Committee: Stop the Post from supporting military propoganda here:

From People for the American Way: Tell Bush to release the Reagan Library documents here:

From Care2: Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act here:

From the ACLU: Demand the release of documents and independent counsel for torture abuse cases here:

From the Organic Consumers Association: Stop Monsanto from patenting GE pigs here:

From Earthjustice: Call on the EPA for environmental justice here:

From NRDC: Call on Congress to save the Arctic Refuge here:

From the ACLU: Urge Congress to block a misguided air travel proposel here:

From Oceana: Help stop shark finning here:

From CFS True Food Network: Tell EPA to stop spread of Mad Cow here:

Thursday, May 05, 2005

More Quickies...

I'd really love to rant; I really would. But I'm in the middle of Finals and I have to finish studying, so... here are some more quickies. Next week I'll have a rant! Please take action in as many as you can. The world improves because of things that YOU do.

NOW Petition to save the senate:

Sign to co-sponor Senator Clinton’s Count Every Vote Act:

Save PBS from partisan influence:

Tell Coke to put an end to human rights abuse:
Speak out to make California’s pesticide laws stronger:

Human Rights First Alerts:

Call for sweatshop-free products in Connecticut!

Pledge to put an end to global warming:

Tell your senator to oppose the bogus Bush energy bill:,cl67,km3,4g42,isv1,b7h0,7ub1

This is from ; I don’t usually use full quotes but this is just outrageous: "Last Sunday, Pat Robertson went on national television to say liberal judges posed a greater threat to America than the Civil War, the Nazis or "a few bearded terrorists who fly into buildings." Bill Frist and Tom DeLay must publicly condemn these outrageous comments and stop intimidating judges. Can you sign our petition to Frist and DeLay today?

From Earthjustice: Oppose the nuclear option the right is trying to take and keep our courts fair! Http://

From the ACLU:
1. Tell Congress to Oppose Punitive Crime Laws:
2. Oppose the FBI’s spying on activists:
3. Tell Congress to limit PATRIOT Act provisions:

Protest the eight US executions scheduled for this month:

Demand release of activist imprisoned for protesting torture, from Human Rights First:

From Act for Change:
1. Stop the nomination of John Bolton (UN):
2. Stop the nomination of Judge Myers:
3. Defend PBS from Karl Rove:
4. Stop the Nuclear Option:
5. Call for Tom DeLay’s resignation:
6. Save the Estate tax:

From PETA:
1. Save rabbits from being massacred in Mission Viejo:
2. Demand prosecution of dog killer in Missouri:

Adopt-a-College for Vegan Outreach:

Recent petitions from
Save Scottish hedgehogs:
End Canada’s Seal Hunt:
Save the Fillibuster:
Australia: Ratify Kyoto Protocol:
Stop Ohio bill to outlaw abortion:
Help protect False Cape:
Protect Integrity of Military Awards:
Tell pharmacies to stop discrimination:

Thursday, April 28, 2005


For the environment:

Stop eating out and using styrofoam/plastic; buy your own damn silverware and reuse it every day!

Stop driving your freaking SUVs and going "out for a drive." Maybe you should go out for a WALK instead! Quit sucking up so much gas!

Protect the Pacific Seafloor, from Oceana:

Learn about Compassion Over Killing’s "Animal Care Certified" Campaign:

Help people of Rwanda and gorilla habitat by buying Gorilla Fund Coffee, from the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International:

Vegan Outreach product of the week:

Tell ExxonMobil to invest in renewable energy, from Co-Op America:

Protect the Arctic Refuge at Act for Change:

For your overall well-being, there:

Quit freakin' smoking, you're screwing up your lungs and mine!

Stop buying crap with hormone-treated, pesticide-ridden, preservative-filled shit in it!

Quit buying crap made from sweatshops. It sucks and makes you a perpetrator!

Circulate a petition for Social Security from Working America:

Keep weapons that penetrate body armor off the streets with the Brady Campaign:

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper to encourage the pope to encourage women’s rights, from Free Choice Saves Lives:

Organize a vigil for victims in conflict, from CIVIC:

Tell Congress to oppose legislation that will weaken healthcare, from Care2:

(Missourians) E-mail your rep to stop Social Security Privatization, from MO Pro-Vote:

Get the skinny on Wal-Mart at and

Sign up for Amnesty International USA’s National Moblilization Against Torture at


He was on every channel tonight dissing out the same old bullshit.

Had to puke.

Nothing to say.

Go to or for some real stuff.

FYI... Energy independence begin with scrapping SUVs, anyone?!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cast Your Line... I Mean Ballot

My pals in Jefferson County, MO... please VOTE for Rick Johnson for State Senate today! Rick is the Democrat candidate, pro-choice (AKA pro-woman), a fighter for healthcare and education, and he doesn't bow down to corporate lobbyists. He's the best choice for Missouri with his political and military experience and care for Missourians. You can find out more at Please cast your vote for him today!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Forgetting Our Anniversary

Well, it's an anniversary you wish you could forget. This past weekend was the 2-year anniversary of the Iraqi invasion, and it just gets worse. Baby W's new budget has seemingly passed, meaning more money in the hole *of our pockets* to fund his endless quagmire. Thanks a lot, Junior. From me, my kids, and theirs.

Last week I was either too pissed or too busy...studying...during spring break to post about the senate's diabolical 51-49 vote to drill in the Arctic Refuge of Alaska. Folks, there's no end to this. Think because Alaska isn't attached to the rest of us there won't be any affect? Just wait and see.

Okay, so today is Back Up Your Birth Control Day, and if those religious zealots with too much time on their hands, who haven't has sex since the '60s, and who are more concerned about your private life than their own have their way, we won't have birth control anymore. So why don't you drop them a quick note or twenty from about how you want them to keep it, EC, and family planning available? You know, for progress and all--and so the coathanger business doesn't get booming.

Next week is Farm Worker Awareness Week (and SLAP (Student Labor Action Project) Week of Action. Both of these focus on holding abusive corporations accountable for harming the majority of citizens. Check out for more information.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Clickin' It

Ok, I know I posted about Violence Against Women last month for V-Day, but as it's women's history month and all, I wanted to remind you that you can make daily clicks against this violence from Care2's Supersite,, along with free donations for the rainforest, breast cancer, oceans, big cats, children's health, and pets in need. Signing up is easy and free, and you can also sign petitions, network, and get some awesome healthy living e zines.

Speaking of daily clicks... are you familiar at all with these? Basically you can click a button on a website once each day, and the sponsors who have ads on the site pay for your donation! It's fast and a good way to spend 5 to 10 minutes of your day.

These are the sites that I vist... ok, try to visit... each day to generate free donations: (with links to other sites, including literacy, breast cancer, child health, and others)

There are oodles of these sites out there, where you can make a difference with just one click! YouthNoise ( ) also sponsors some of these one-clicks.

Remember, you can also make a difference with minimal effort by just signing up for action alerts from your favorite political works, charities, and other groups, or by registering at .